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From 405 Magazine: Feeling the Fiji vibes during a visit to one of the most culturally rich spots in the Yasawas

fiji, turtleisland, island, paradise, vacation, travel, ocean, beach

Dancing at Turtle Island

As our skiff cut its way across a remote, narrow channel from Turtle Island to a remote village fifteen minutes away, I was surrounded by beauty. Despite the bustling colorful coral reefs below us and the towering volcanic mountains that made up the surrounding Islands in all directions, I was less overwhelmed with beauty that surrounded me and more focused on the experience that awaited. Like a kid before prom, finally about to meet his first girlfriend’s parents, I was nervous. Read about what happened on that beautiful day here! 

From Wild Food Foraging in Asheville, North Carolina

There is something to be said for finding a fungus growing from the earth, plucking it and then putting it into your mouth. Wild food foraging and morel hunting with Wild Food Adventures out of Asheville, North Carolina is a curious and often delicious experience and one that you can read more about here in this link! 



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From 405 Magazine: The colorful spirit of Oaxaca and the magic of mezcal

From second-story balconies, families watch and wave as I step into the Oaxaca night – A frenzied parade of colorful skirts, twirling giants and brassy horns fill through narrow cobblestone streets. Wherever such a kaleidoscopic parade goes, an exponentially larger fiesta will begin. To read more from this story, click from 405 Magazine HERE.Jimedor

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From 405 Magazine: Tabacon Hot Springs, Best hot springs resort in Costa Rica

Tabacon, tabacon resort, tabacon hot springs, hot springs, costa rica, arenal,volcano, vacation, costa rican vacations

howler monkey outside Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Thermal Hot Springs and Resort, at the base of the Arenal Volcano and Arenal National Park is one of the most beautiful and unique resorts in the world. The best thing to do when you are at Tabacon? Take a walk. Read about it here in my most recent article from 405 Magazine! Tabacon, Hot Springs and Resort, Costa Rica

Hot Springs at Tabacon, Costa Rica

Hot Springs at Tabacon, Costa Rica

From How I Fell in Love with Turtle Island in Fiji in Just Five Days

Recently I spent five days with my fiancé in Fiji at the all-inclusive Turtle Island Resort, a privately owned island in The Yasawa Island chain. My experience at Turtle Island, from its spacious Grand Bures, complete with personal attendant, known there as a “Bure Mama” to its ingratiating, multi-talented staff and fourteen private beaches can best be described as falling madly in love….

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Small island off of Turtle Island

Small island off of Turtle Island