An Adventure to The Galapagos with International Expeditions

I got to spend two weeks in March as well as my 39th birthday in the Galapagos Islands with International Expeditions. Experiencing the wildlife and sparse volcanic terrain of the Galapagos offers a glimpse as to what the world might be like if humans had never set foot on it. Birds, equal parts enormous and awkward waddling about, tortoise the size of (small) cars and unimaginable marine life make for tremendous wildlife encounters and crossing the earth’s midpoint at the equator was certainly a celebratory experience. Read more about my experiences in the Galapagos at and about the extra-ordinary International Expeditions here at 


Enjoy the photos below. More articles are to come.

Frigatebirds in the Galapagos

sea lions at sunset

Blue Footed Boobie

Giant Tortoise

playful sea lion

Sombrero Chino

Golden Rays

sunset in the Galapagos



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