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Since living in Oklahoma City, Matt has embraced many opportunities to bring his talents into the Oklahoma community. He has been both a speaker and a judge for the deadCenter Film Festival as well as the Tulsa International Film Festival. In June of 2017, Matt will write, direct and produce ten short documentaries in conjunction with OETA, PBS and the Oklahoma City Zoo. These will air alongside a three-part documentary series about famed National Geographic wildlife photographer Joel Sartore. In addition to his work in the film community, Matt writes and shoots photos for 405 Magazine, Oklahoma City’s most popular lifestyle magazine covering local, national and international travel.

In November of 2016, Matt lead more than 130 aspiring writers in an all-day screenwriting seminar sponsored by deadCenter and Oklahoma City University. In spring of 2017, Matt taught a range of writing-oriented topics at the Independent Schools of the Southwest Conference at Casady High School. Matt also completed his first year as an adjunct professor teaching courses in Film Business and Short Screenplay Writing at Oklahoma City University and in summer and fall of 2017, in addition to Oklahoma City University, Matt will teach a variety of screenwriting workshops at Metro Tech’s downtown OKC campus.

In addition to developing his own screenplays, Matt consulted and co-written more than a dozen screenplays for local Oklahoma writers. He continues to travel the world with upcoming trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Alberta and the a river cruise on the Amazon. His outlets include, 405 Magazine and is now a weekly contributor to, a men’s lifestyle website which enjoys more than a million unique visitors a month.

  • “Matt Payne’s writing impresses on every level, from CBS period dramas to wild, woolly adventure and travel reporting.   His humor, common sense, and wonderfully skewed eye and ear make for a delightful read every time.  A true multi-talent.”

    Greg Walker

    Executive Producer, Vegas, The Defenders, Extant, Without A Trace

  • “Consider yourself very lucky if you get the chance to study writing with Matt Payne. Matt’s a great writer because he’s a great person: funny, endlessly creative (ask him about One Weird Shoe), and deeply interested in…well, everything. He has a handle on how awesome it is to be alive. It shows in his work, and anyone who enters his sphere will get to revel in it. You’ll come away a better writer. More observant. More tuned in. More daring. And even if you never turn that into external riches, you’ll become a better person for it.”

    Robert Howells

    National Geographic, Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine

  • “Matt Payne is a unique writer who has mastered the art of storytelling in all its forms. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, a compelling hour of television drama, or his funny, insightful travel writing, Matt has a voice full of thunder and lightning that crashes with truth, and flashes into your heart with its beauty.  Strap in, hold on, and take the ride, you’ll be happy you did.”

    Bruce Rasmussen

    Producer, Kingdom, Dallas, The Drew Carey Show

  • “Matt Payne is a pleasure to work with. He has crafted all manner of stories and knows how to develop small ideas into concise concepts with focused direction. His industry experience and mainstream sensibility are a great combination.”

    Brendan Parker

    Spaghetti Eddie

  • “Matt Payne helped us take our writing and knowledge of the industry to the next level. Without his help we would have been lost.”

    Scott Girardin

  • “Matt is a great writer and collaborator. He has helped improve our script and screenwriting knowledge by leaps and bounds.”

    Major Skinner

  • “’Writers’ these days become so pigeon-holed and narrowly focused as journalists or novelists or screenwriters or as critics, but MATT PAYNE is one of those rare individuals who embraces the whole carnival of writing both fiction and nonfiction with his writing aimed for multiple audiences with passion, insight and always with originality!”

    Andrew Horton

    The Jeanne H Smith Professor  of Film & Media Studies, The University of Oklahoma

  • “Matt and I have worked together for years and he has written for me before. He is fun, smart and musical and I can say with certainty that at least two of those are relevant to understanding how to write better stories.”

    Jan Nash

    Executive Producer – Rizzoli and Isles, Without A Trace

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